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Baoding Well foundry machinery co. ltd., founded in 1955, is the largest joint-stock company professionally engaging in< foundry machinery research, development, manufacture and service in China. It was transformed to private joint-stock company in 2001 and its predecessor is Baoding foundry machinery company, which was one of national key construction projects of new China’s first five-year plan.

It has 1,200 employees and total assets of 1 billion yuan RMB. It is comprised of eight workshops (one is for casting),one blast cleaning equipment branch and one research institute. The research institute possesses national grade B machinery industry design qualification and national grade B construction trade design aptitudes.

Baoding Well can carry out turnkey project for new or reconstructed or expanded workshop.We provide factory design,equipment selection, manufacture, technology service and casting process plan. Leading products and service of our company include automatic high pressure multi-piston squeeze moulding line and its sand preparation plant,foundry production line of self-setting sand including furan resin,sodium silicate and alkali phenol aldehyde sand,automatic vertical-parting flaskless moulding line and its sand preparation plant,variety of shot peening equipment,and upmarket uncommon-shaped castings.We also provide design and manufacture of non- standard foundry equipment.Recent years,our pouring machine,manipulator and robot with proprietary intellectual property rights won market overwhelmingly,having been well received by customers.

In 2013,Baoding Well completed 23 design projects of new,reconstructed and expanded foundries,and sold 46 self-setting sand foundry production lines,11 automatic high pressure multi-piston squeeze moulding lines,107 automatic vertical-parting moulding lines,31 clay sand preparation plants and 26 pouring machines.Also in 2013 Baoding Well sold 11 single machines including part picking up manipulators,core-setting manipulators,grinding robot and transfer robot.Abovementioned products all have the largest share in chinese market.Our export volume has been increasing steadily recent years.And our moulding lines have been gaining Germany and USA market since 2012.

Now Baoding Well implements"transformation and upgrading"strategy adhering to "innovative and optimizing" ideology.We will upgrade Chinese foundry machinery to highly sophisticated level.