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Location >> Clay sand preparation plant

Clay sand preparation plant is for burned sand preparation and mould sand mixing of static pressure moulding & flaskless moulding automatic lines and mechanical moulding line.
Available preparation capacity of sand preparation plant are 30m3/h,40m3/h,60m3/h,80m3/h ,100m3/h,120m3/h,200m3/h and 300m3/h according to moulding line specification and sand consumption.

Sand preparation plant of flaskless moulding automatic line

120t/h efficient dual-rotor sand mixer

Electrical control system                          3x120 t/h large sand preparation system

Main components:

Sand prepration plant is composed of cooling & shakeout unit, sieving & cooling unit, burned sand storage tank, sand mixing unit, lifting and transfer device, dust collecting system and electrical control system.
● Cooling & shakeout unit includes oscillating conveyor(OC), cooling shakeout barrel and magnetic separator. It is for casting shakeout, primary cleaning & cooling and burned sand magnetic separation. Vibration shakeout can be selected for applicable casting structure.
● Sieving & cooling unit includes fine sieving device, fluidized cooling machine and automatic temperature detection & humidifying system. It is for burned sand crushing, sieveing and cooling to ensure sand tempertaure complying with process requirements.
● Sand mixing unit includes sand mixer and automatic proportioning & water feeding device. Efficient sand mixer uses relative movement of fast rotating rotors and arc-shaped scraper blades to shear and mix material with a high speed. The efficient mixing of high-performance mould sand can fulfill sand requirements of automatic moulding line.
● Electrical control system uses imported PLC for integrated control. Whole line or partition operation can be displayed on analog screen.
● Dust collecting system is for dust removal. It can be allocated in different units. Compartment offline deashing bag type dust collector is used for effective dust removal and low emission concentration.