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Location>> Clay sand moulding equipment

· Mechanized moulding line

Mechanized moulding line is suitable for large scale volume production of widely-variable multi-specification castings.
Moulding capacity varies from 40 moulds/hour to 240 moulds/hour according to selected moulding machine, moulding machine’s quantity and its auxiliary machines.
Mechanized moulding line is of reliable performance and convenient maintenance.
It has open and ring layouts.

XZ124    XZ145/Z146    XZ148E/Ec    XZ1410C    XZJ012

· Jolt squeeze stripper moulding machine

It is comprised of jolting, squeezing, pattern drawing and pipeline control sections. It has advantages of stable jolting performance, powerful squeezing force, precise pattern drawing, even moulds hardness and easy operation, being suitable for common foundry workshop, mechanized or semi-mechanized foundry workshop.





· Shockless jolt-squeeze moulding machine

It is suitable for common foundry workshop, mechanized or semi-mechanized foundry workshop to manufacture cast iron cope and drag flasks. It is of easy operation and convenient maintenance.
This is a moulding machine with high frequency, low amplitude and air cushion full buffering. Having air cushion buffering, the jolting has little effect on foundation.






· Jolt rock-over pattern draw moulding machine

This is a mould jolting and rockover pattern drawing type moulding machine. It consists of jolting mechanism, rollover mechanism, pattern drawing mechanism and control system. This machine uses compressed air as power source.


· Turntable jolt moulding machine

This machine is for manufacturing medium and large castings. For simply mechanized foundry workshop with hoisting equipment and has a small production lot size, one such machine can manufacture cope and drag mould alternatively for various castings. Moulds transfer car is equipped with horizontal ball track to facilitate formation of mechanized moulding line and accommodate foundry workshop mechanization requirements.

Z2520    Z2520-I    Z2520-II