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Location>>Self-setting sand moulding line

It is comprised of moulding loop, flow coating, mould surface baking, core setting, flasks closure, pouring and cooling sections.It includes self-setting sand mixer, efficient jolter, rollover pattern drawing machine, flow (spray) coating machine, mould surface baking furnace, flasks (moulds) closure manipulator, roller way, dense-roller belt conveyor, chain-and-flight conveyor, transfer car, electrical control system and ventilation system.
The whole automatic line is efficient, of reliable operation, fluent process and clean operation environment.
Self-setting sand moulding line is applicable for volume production of various small and medium castings of furan resin sand, alkali phenol aldehyde resin sand, esterified sodium silicate sand and VRH technology.
Rollover pattern drawing machine can complete automatic rollover and pattern drawing after moulds jolting and hardening, or it can be used for automatic rollover and pattern drawing after moulds hardening in VRH moulding line.
Jolter is of many specifications. Jolter with capacity less than 10 T can be used to assemble a production line, while jolter larger than 30T can be useed separately for large casting moulding.
Flow coating machine has tilting and mobile types, which can be selected from according to matching requirements.
Flasks (moulds) closure manipulator: There are two-claw and four-claw automatic manipulators which can be selected from according to layout requirements.
Electrical control system: It is of whole line integral control and sectioned site operation control mode.
GF2223 rollover pattern drawing machine
It uses hydraulic driving system to complete clamping,locking,rollover and pattern drawing operations.The flexible hydraulic control enables continuously adjustable operation cycle.Rollover and pattern drawing speed is adjusted with imported proportional valve to realize "slow-fast-slow" zero impaction operation.It has blackout self-locking function.

Self-setting sand moulding line


Sand mixing-jolting
moulding section

Tilting type flow
coating machine

Mould flow coating surface baking section
(Surface baking furance)

Rollover pattern drawing and
transfer section

Flasks rollover and closure Machine


Transfer roller way

VRH vacuum hardening chamber

Auto rear axle moulding loop