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Location >>  Complete furan resin sand reclamation equipment

Production line components:
It is comprised of  Shakeout,Crushing And regeneration system(including crushe, sieving and primary cooling machines,burned sand regenerato, air separator,fine magnetic separator,sand temperature modulator and lifting equipment),sand mixing and moulding system,dust collecting system,control system and sand storage system.

Applicable scope:
It is suitable for regeneration of burned furan resin sand in production of cast iron and non-ferrous castings. Design plan alternatives can be provided according to customer's actual situation.

40t/h furan resin sand foundry reclamation system

Representative layout of furan resin sand reclamation system (Click for large view)

Technical specifications of furan resin sand reclamation system:(The listed are specifications for single line, and they can be enlarged by parallelly connecting two machines)
Parameter/model S524 S528 S5212 S5216 S5220
Sand preparation capacity (t/h) 5 10 15 20 25
Annual casting output (t) 2000—3000 3000—5000 5000—10000 10000—20000 20000—30000