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Location>>Burned sand regeneration, air separation and fine magnetic separation unit

This unit includes burned sand regenerator, air separation machine and fine magnetic separator.
They are for fine magnetic separation, regeneration, bonder removal and micro-powder elimination of crushed burned sand to acquire qualified regenerated sand.
Different regeneration and separation machines are allocated according to different technologies of furan, phenol aldehyde resin and esterified sodium silicate sand..

Mechanical centrifugal regenerator
Two-staged mechanical centrifugal type eddy current regenerator and two-staged air separator are used for regeneration of burned furan and phenol aldehyde resin sand.
Burned sand is thrown to wearing ring by centrifugal force of fast-rotating rotor disc. The mutual rubbing produced among sand grains and between sand grain and wearing ring can remove the inert resin film on sand grain surface..
Air separator is of flowing curtain structure to ensure uniform sand flow, timely removal of inert film & dust, and regenerated sand of very low dust content.
Mechanical centrifugal regenerator

           1 shunt wimble
           2 bottom board
           3 throttle ring
           4 upper retainer ring
           5 wearing ring
           6 rotor disc

Centrifugal + rubbing combined regeneration machine
● This regenerator is of less sand grain breakage, homogenous regeneration effect and high bonder removal rate.
● Regeneration and intensified air separation are carried out at the same time to effectively produce high quality regenerated sand.
● Lubrication part of the bearing is installed with automatic oiling and water cooling system.

It is for regeneration of burned phenol aldehyde resin sand and esterified sodium silicate sand. Three fast rotating main axles fitted with abrasion-proof blades can generate fierce rubbing force among sand grains and between blades and sand grain, which can eliminate inert film on sand surface. Fluidization allows sand grains are in suspension state, which better guaranteed sand regeneration effect.
This regenerator adopts mechanical rubbing and suspension state regeneration principle. It is of three-axle structure, sufficient regeneration effect, high bonder removal rate and less sand breakage.
It is used together with roasting furnace. Combining of it with mechanical centrifugal regeneratior can acquire satisfactory regenerated esterified sodium silicate sand.


 Technical specifications
Parameter/model S524 S528 S5212 S5216 S5220 S568IV S5612IV S5616IV
Production methods Mechanical centrifugal type Three-axle rubbing type
Productivity(t/h) 5 10 15 20 25 10 15 20
Power(kw) 11×2 22×2 30×2 37×2 37×2 11×3+11 15×3+11 22×3+11