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· Complete self-setting sand reclamation equipment
 Complete furan resin sand reclamation equipment
 (per single line)
 5t/h   l0t/h   15t/h   20t/h   25t/h   30t/h
 Complete esterified(C02) sodium silicate sand reclamation
 equipment(per single line)
 5t/h   l0t/h   15t/h   20t/h
 Complete alkali phenol aldehyde resin sand reclamation
 equipment (per single line)
 5t/h   l0t/h   15t/h   20t/h
 Hot method sodium silicate sand regeneration roasting
 l0t/h   20t/h
 Precoated sand reclamation equipment  5t/h   l0t/h   FMS525
 Fixed single arm continuous sand mixer  5t/h   l2t/h
 Fixed double-arm continuous sand mixer  5t/h   l2t/h   15t/h   20t/h   25t/h   30t/h
 Fixed rise-lower type double-arm continuous sand mixer  20t/h   25t/h   30t/h   40t/h   60t/h   80t/h   100t/h
 Mobile rise-lower type double-arm continuous sand mixer  20t/h   25t/h   30t/h   40t/h   60t/h   80t/h   100t/h
 Movable type continuous chromium ore sand mixer  5t/h   l0t/h
 Self-setting sand with flask/flaskless moulding line  XZ7116   XGF1513   XGF1714   XGF1714L8   XGF1815
 XGF2019   XGF2223
 Inertia jolter  Z294   Z296   Z2910   Z2930   Z2940   Z2950   Z2970
 Rollover pattern drawing machine  Z7112   Z7116   GF1714   GF1714L8   GF1815   GF2019
 GF2223   GF2525
 Tilting type flow coating machine  QLTJ15   QLTJ16   QLTJ20
 Mobile manipulator-clamping flow coating machine  YCLTJ14   YCLTJ16   YCLTJ18
 Automatic flasks closing machine  HXJ18W   HXJ18X   HXJ19W   HXJ20X

 Vacuum replacement moulding equipment

 VRH4   VRH8   VRH12   VRH16   VRH20L85
 Single mass vibratory shakeout machine  5t   l0t   15t   20t   25t   30t   40t
 Double-mass vibratory shakeout machine  l0t   15t   20t   25t   30t   40t   50t

 Vibratory conveyor shakeout

 5t   l0t   15t

· Automatic clay sand moulding line
 Automatic vertical-parting flaskless shoot-squeeze moulding
 XZZ416A   XZZ416B   XZZ416C   XZZ417B   XZZ418A
 XZZ418B   XZZ419   XZZ4110   XZZ4112
 Automatic high pressure multi-piston squeeze moulding line  YJZ107   YJZ108   YJZ128   YJZ129   YJZ138   YJZ139
 YJZ14511   YJZ1512   YJZ18585   YJZ19515
 Clay sand preparation plant  30t/h   40t/h   60t/h   80t/h   100t/h   120t/h   200t/h   300t/h
 Fine hexagonal screen  S4311   S4313   S4315   S4318   S4321   S4325
 Mould sand fluidization cooling bed  S8610   S8614   S8618   S8625
 Dual-scraping cooling machine  S8340   S8360   S8380   S83120
 Efficient rotor type sand mixer  S1920G   S1922G   S1924G   S1926G   S1929G
 Shakeout cleaning barrel  L3116   L3216   L3218   L3225   L3234   L3236
 Vibratory conveyor shakeout  3t   5t   10t
 Jolt squeeze stripper moulding machine  Z124   Z144   Z145   Z148B
 Shockless jolt-squeeze moulding machine  Z145H   Z146B   Z148C   Z148E   Z148Ec   Z1410C
 Jolt rock-over pattern draw/Turntable jolt moulding machine  Z2310/Z2520   Z2520-I   Z2520-II
 Mechanized moulding line  XZ124   XZ145/Z146   XZ148E/Ec   XZ1410C   XZJ012
 Pouring machine for high pressure moulding line  R9212   R9215   R9220
 Pouring machine for self-setting sand moulding line  R9225   R9215
 Pouring machine for horizontal parting moulding line  R9210   R9215
 Pouring machine for vertical parting moulding line  XZZ416VII   R9113
 Industrial robot for foundry operation  
 Heavy duty part pick-up manipulator  Y8110
 Tumblast cleaning machine  
 Crawler type wheel blast cleaning machine  T85   T300   T430
 Hanger type wheel blast cleaning machine  M815   M1316   M1624   M2130   M3030   M3070
 Rotary table/carriage type wheel blast cleaning machine  M2035T(15T)   M3035T(30T)   M7050(80T)
 Axial shuttle type continuous through wheel blast cleaning
 BL6035   BL6050