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High pressure line for Maruyuu passed pre-acceptance

Date:2015-9-28 15:14:01


On Sep. 28, 2015, pre-acceptance test of large high pressure automatic multi-piston horizontal molding line, ordered by Dalian metal company of Japanese Maruyuu joint-stock company, was carried out in Baoding Well’s assembly workshop.

Maruyuu ordered a large high pressure multi-piston horizontal molding line years ago, with flask size of 1950×1500×550/450mm, and productivity of 30 flasks per hour. This first line was delivered in May 2012, and has operated for more than three years in order till now.

At the beginning of this year, Maruyuu ordered a 2nd high pressure molding line of same size to expand production. But this line is of higher configuration and stricter technical indexes: the productivity is enhanced to 40 flasks per hour, the hydraulic system is changed to full servo-control, which saved 40% energy than the first line, and 4t/h quasi-automatic pouring machine is added. So this second high pressure molding line is greatly improved in aspects of automation, intelligentization, remote control and faults alarm.

Chairman, general manager, vice-general manager and technical managers of Maruyuu Company carried out a comprehensive pre-check of the high pressure molding machine and its auxiliary devices accompanied by Well managers and experts. Full load commissioning of the high pressure molding machine is carried out and all performance indexes attained designed requirements.

All devices of the molding line will be disassembled, painted and delivered. Final delivery is planned in November.



High pressure multi-piston horizontal molding machine in commissioning



Customers and Baoding Well experts during technical communication



Customers are checking the machine accompanied by Baoding Well managers



Check the molding quality



Technical manager of Maruyuu is checking the molding machine



Auxiliary devices of high pressure molding line



Auxiliary devices of high pressure molding line



Commissioning of high pressure multi-piston molding machine



Sep. 28, 2015

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