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Chinese largest pouring machine delivered

Date:2015-10-26 13:14:08

A few days ago, Baoding Well developed large quasi-automatic pouring machine for large high pressure multi-piston horizontal molding line completed performance test in Well workshop and had been delivered to customer.

This pouring machine is of three-axis servo controlled linked operation. Its largest capacity is 5 tons. It has two sets of automatic stream inoculation systems. It can return ladle, advance ladle, locate sprue and pour with set speed (finely adjustable any time) automatically. The control console can be placed at any position of the workshop and realize remote control with video. After pouring is finished, the operator presses corresponding button for ladle return (the only required manual operation). This machine realized synchronous pouring along with moving flasks in production line.

This is quasi automatic pouring machine and if required it can be made fully automatic by adding “infrared imaging” control system.

Baoding Well has sold 56 such type of pouring machines till now. But this is the largest one in China with the most sophisticated control system.


















Correspondent: Li Juan

Oct. 26, 2015



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