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  • Name: Double-mass vibratory shakeout
  • NO.: 100520
  • Views : 158

  This double-mass shakeout is made up of vibrating body, base frame, resonant springs and electrical control cabinet. The vibrating body and base frame are all welded structure. It is of simple structure, rational design, reliable performance and adjustable oscillation force. It can be used singly or with two machines connected. It is of convenient startup and fast & stable stop. Vibratory motor is automatic overload protection type. Being efficient, energy saving and of low noise, it has properly matched integral rigidity and local rigidity, strong anti-impact ability, long service life and less foundation requirements for vibration.


● Motor oscillation force is adjustable. Oscillation force can be adjusted by changing the included angle of the eccentric blocks on two ends of the motor.
● The vibratory motor is of patented self-locking nuts and strong bolts installation technology for clamping and locking to ensure rigid connection of the motor and vibrating body.
● The electrical control system is motor dynamic braking mode, which has overload protection and short circuit or default phase protection features. The effect of dynamic braking is to stop the machine rapidly once it is de-energized to avoid resonance region and eliminate unstable state.
● To prevent sand spilling and facilitate cleaning, side frames with a height of 150mm are installed around the grid surface to avoid vibrating sand lumps spillage.Shakeout and ground connection part are designed in labyrinth form. Scattered sand grids are installed in sand feeding direction to recover sand spilled on ground.
● Control cabinet is placed inside of main control cabinet, with its operation station placed on site.

Technical specification:

Load(T) Table size(mm)
10 3000×2000 3500×2000    
15 3600×2800 3600×2800 4000×3200 5000×2500
20 3000×2200 3200×2400 4000×2500 4000×3200
25 4000×3200 4500×3000 4600×3000 6000×4000
30 4000×3200 5000×3000 6000×4000  
50 6000×4000 6000×4500    

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