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  • Name: Shakeout cleaning barrel
  • NO.: 100527
  • Views : 88

The equipment consists of barrel, shakeout barrel, base, support, baffle roller, big and small gears, motor, speed reducer,and roller wheel. Motor drives speed reducer through belt pulley, then momentum is carried to barrel through big and small gears. Helical blades are installed in the front part of the shakeout part and de-dusting hood is set at shakeout section.
In flaskless moulding line of high productivity, this equipment can be used for cooling and shaking out of castings and moulds. It can operate singly, or operate linked with other devices by setting buttons on control console.

technical specification:
Model Productivity
Outer diameter of the barrel
Revolving speed of the barrel
Power of the motor
Weight(T) Outer dimension
L3116 40 ∮1600 7.5 22 14   8500×3250×2950
L3218 50 ∮1800 3 22 17.523   12000×3600×2300

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