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Location:Home products >> Self-setting sand mixing equipments >> Stationary double arm type continuous sand mixer >> Stationary double-arm continuous sand mixer
  • Name: Stationary double-arm continuous sand mixer
  • NO.: 100508
  • Views : 322

It includes conveying arm, sand mixing arm, liquid material system and electrical control system. It is for self-setting sand mixing and moulding at specified spot.

● Conveying arm can either be helix conveying or belt conveying form, and its length depends on operation radius.
● Sand mixing arm is open type, laid with replaceable abrasion-proof lining plates on the inner surface.
● Sand mixing blade shaft is octahedron shaft, which permits mixing blades installation at different positions with different angles. This enhanced homogeneity of mixed sand.
● The blades are of cemented carbide bits to increase abrasion resistance and prolong service life.
● Machine head is equiped with startup & residue sand control device, deodorizer and dust removal machine.
● Hydraulic system uses high precision anti-corrosion liquid pump to ensure exact quantification.
● Electrical control system adopts imported PLC controller and analog screen (touch screen) display which can realize automatic and manual control of fast-hard, slow-hard, and different proportioning of face sand and back sand.



Optimized design of self-setting sand mixing mechanism

Technical specifications:

Parameter/model S2512 S2515 S2520 S2525 S2530 S2540 S2560 S25100
Productivity (t/h) 12 15 20 25 30 40 60 100
Turning radius (mm) 4500 5500 6000 6000 6500 7000 9000 11000

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