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  • Name: Single mass vibratory shakeout
  • NO.: 100519
  • Views : 117

Used to separate sand, flask and casting, it is applicable for shakeout of large moulds in manual, semi-automatic or mechanized moulding line. Separated sand lumps are further crushed, which then pass through grid openings to fall on return sand belt or vibratory conveyor for transportation; while castings and flasks are removed with lifting devices or by manual lifting for further cleaning. That is a shakeout circle.
This single mass shakeout implements JB/T6575-93 shakeout technical conditions. It is comprised of frame part and base support part. It is of welded structure and has advantages of simple structure, reliable performance, adjustable oscillation force and flexible effective load. It can either operate individually or be fitted into mechanized line. It is of convenient startup and fast & stable stop. Vibratory motor is automatic overload protection type. Being efficient, energy saving and of low noise, this shakeout has been widely applied.

Technical specification:
Load(T) Table size(mm)
10 3000×2000 3500×2000     
15 3600×2800 3600×2800 4000×3200 5000×2500
20 3000×2200 3200×2400 4000×2500 4000×3200
25 4000×3200 4500×3000 4600×3000 6000×4000
30 4000×3200 5000×3000 6000×4000  
50 6000×4000 6000×4500    

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