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  • Name: Automatic line of Vertical parted flaskless shoot-squeeze moulding
  • NO.: 100522
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Main characteristics of the moulding line:

● Of vertical parting mode, no flask, full automation, continuous and fast operation, , sand shooting pre-ramming and hydraulic squeezing moulding, this moulding line is suitable for volume production of medium and small castings with or without cores for many industries.

● Our new generation of main moulding machine can realize positive and negative faces squeezing and automatic mould cavity adjustment.

● Man-machine interface enables kinds of technical parameters of the machine to be adjusted and setted on computer screen within a specified employment scope.

● Controlled with computer, this moulding line utilizes imported advanced elements such as PLC, position sensing elements, pressure sensing elements and liquid crystal display screen to realize automatic and stable operation of technological process, animation monitoring of dynamic input/output, faults inquiry, automatic alarm and remote control.

● Compared with similar moulding lines, our moulding line has obvious improvement and advantages in respects of automation control, mechatronics level, equipment operation reliability, elements abrasion-resistance, conveying synchronization for moulds closure, mechanical core setting, synchronous cooling, automatic sand feeding and other set functions, also it is of high standardization level and convenient maintainability.

● This moulding line is the most advanced and efficient green sand moulding line currently. It has advantages of high productivity, precise casting dimension, low noise, less labor intensity, simple line assembly, few auxiliary devices, little area coverage, low technology and construction investment and energy saving.


ZZ417B vertical parting flaskless shoot-squeeze main moulding machine

ZZ417B main moulding machine is updated product. It utilizes many advanced vertical parting moulding technologies and has functions of positive and negative faces squeezing and automatic mould cavity adjustment. It can be fitted with horizontally traveling core setter, which adopts vacuum absorption mode to realize fast and precise core setting automatically.

Moulding technology schematic diagram:

Sand shooting to enclosed mould cavity Main oil cylinder propels and squeezes for moulding Separation of the swingable counter-pressure plate and sand mould Pushing out of sand mould for moulds closure Separation of squeezing plate and sand mould Closure of moulding cavity

X-ZZ418 vertical parting flaskless shoot-squeeze automatic moulding line

800x600 high hardness, high-precision sand mould produced by ZZ418 main machine

Touch type color LCD control screen is of distinct and visual display of diagrams and characters.

Large dimension wear resistant mould cavity and monolithic anti-friction bottom plate of mould cavity. There is parting agent spraying device to surmount the problem of agent spillage and to decrease abrasion of mould cavity.

Operation training on customer site

Representative layout of moulding line:(Click for large view)


Main specification and technical parameter:








Sand mould dimension







(Thickness of sand mould is 200mm)








ZZ416/ZZ416B Assembly Workshop

Main components of moulding line::

Moulding line is composed of main moulding machine, sand feeder, parallel traveling core setter, synchronous clamp type conveyor, belt cooler, shakeout machine, electrical control system, hydraulic system and pneumatic system.

Main moulding machine: Sand-shooting and hydraulic squeezing method is adopted for sand moulding, while the processes of pattern drawing, moulds closure and moulds convey can be completed at the same time.

Sand feeder: It can feed specific quantity of sand into the main machine at regular time.

Parallel traveling core setter: It can complete synchronous online core setting process rapidly and accurately. It is optional.

Synchronous clamp / supporting type conveyor: It is synchronous with main moulding machine during pouring, cast moulds convey and cooling processes. Conveyors of 12 m and 18 m long are available for selection.

Synchronous belt cooler: Arranged after synchronous clamp type conveyor, it is used to prolong cooling time of castings according to cooling requirements of different castings to prevent casting distortion.

Pouring department: Pouring machine can be selected for automatic pouring, or circular track crane ladle can be employed for manual pouring.

X-ZZ418 Main moulding machine

Clamp type conveyor is suitable for conveying of sand moulds with a dimension less than 700mm to guarantee moulds convey precision. It is fitted with wide abrasion-proof bottom plate to prolong service life, reduce sand spillage and facilitate bottom plate replacement. The clamp plate is lined with stainless steel board to effectively prevent burnt-on sand.

Wear-resistant supporting type conveyor is suitable for conveying of sand moulds with a dimension larger than 700mm during pouring and solidification process to surmount the problem of sand moulds distortion, enhance moulds convey precision, and reduce device abrasion during sand moulds conveying process.

Sand feeder is of quantification and burned-on sand elimination functions.

Synchronous cooling belt conveyor is for synchronous conveying during castings cooling process to obtain high precision castings without deformation or crack.

X-ZZ416B automatic line of vertical parting flaskless shoot-squeeze moulding

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