Customer Service and Communication

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Customer Service and Communication Pre-sales technical support, after-sales service guarantee
Customer Service and Communication
Pre-sales technical support, after-sales service guarantee

High-quality technical team to professional, fine, responsible attitude to fully meet the individual needs of customers, to provide pre-sale services from single machine to production line, technical consultation, equipment process design, etc. .
Professional after-sales service team,abundant experienced, good style, to provide quality product services, project installation and commissioning and personnel training.
The intelligent service center of product after-market is established can realize remote cloud monitoring, real-time dynamic display, intelligent fault diagnosis and multi-dimensional statistical analysis.
We always uphold integrity, quality concept, has won the trust and praise of customers at home and abroad. With the continuous innovation and upgrading of product development and service, we do not forget the original intention and continue to bring customers better product application and technical service support.

Service concept:  Whole heartedly, all-out, full satisfaction
Service commitment
Pre-sale: Think of the user, Be a good user advisor
In sales: carefully manufactured, installation and debugging accurate in place, user training comprehensive specific
After-sales: 2 hours call back, 24 hours to the scene Service contact telephone number,
Service contact telephone number:
Shandong Henan north China    0312-3209001  3209004
Northeast China southeast China    0312-3209002  3209122
Central South Southwest Northwest China    0312-3209003  3209123
Office Service Tel:
Shandong Office 13785260585 15963662789   
Shanxi Office 13831258703 15935404053 
Anhui office 13833012456 13956064545 
Zhejiang Office 13633129038 15088374443    
Specialized service line:0312-3209039  3209048  Service supervisory Tel:0312-7608678 3209062
Whether you are a new customer or a long-term customer of WELL, we will customize our exclusive service for you
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