Vertical parting automatic molding line

Automatic, intelligent, high-speed molding technology, small and medium casting batch production optimization program

Static pressure automatic molding line

Advanced, intelligent, efficient molding technology, high-end casting batch production optimization program

Self-hardening sand casting production line

Suitable for different self-hardening sand molding process, multi-varieties of medium and large castings production optimization program

Molding line automatic pouring machine

Safe and efficient, complete function, multi-molding process personalized pouring optimization program

Post-market Intelligent Services

Remote cloud monitoring, real-time dynamic display, intelligent fault diagnosis, multi-dimensional statistical analysis


Baoding WeLL Foundry Machinery Co., Ltd.

65 years of professional manufacturing history, has always maintained China's leading position in the foundry industry 

Inheritance and innovation, leading the development of domestic foundry equipment product center

Baoding WeLL Foundry Machinery Co., Ltd. (former Baoding Foundry Machinery Factory) was founded in 1955, is New China's "first five" period of national key construction projects, converted into a joint-stock company in 2001, is specialized in foundry machinery research and development, manufacturing and service as one of the large-scale joint-stock Company, the domestic foundry industry leading enterprises.

65 years of professional manufacturing history, has always maintained China's leading position in the foundry industry 

Inheritance and innovation, leading the development of domestic foundry equipment product center

1955 yeah
Founded in
10000 Million
Total assets
960 People
The existing staff







Vertical parting falskless automatic continuous high-speed,sand shooting pre-compactopm+hydraulic compaction. It has the functions of front and back  surface compaction and cavity automatic adjustment functions.

The man-machine interface adjusts and sets various technical parameters of the machine within the defined range of use.

Imported PLC, LCD, position sensor and pressure sensor are used to realize automatic and stable operation, dynamic input/output animation monitor, fault query and alarm, and remote control.

The whole line has obvious advantages in automatic control, mechatronics engineering level, operation reliability, wear resistance of parts and complete sets of functions, standardization level and maintainability, etc. . With high production efficiency, low energy consumption, high casting precision, simple assembly line and low investment, it is the most advanced and efficient automatic molding line.

Suitable for automotive castings, municipal engineering castings, pump valves, rail transit, malleable iron castings, kitchen supplies, compressor castings and other industries in small and medium castings mass production.



The whole line,which is automatic high-efficient energy-saving, high precision casting, is currently the most advanced molding line.

Using air blowing precompaction + multi-contact high pressure compaction molding technology, sand mold hardness, compactness uniformity, high precision closure, high precision casting, high yield.

Hydraulic multi-contact compaction, proportional pressure relief valve pressure, compaction ratio can be adjusted, up to 1.5 MPA.

The whole line adopts the principle of combining electric, hydraulic and pneumatic, and the key components adopt international brand products to ensure smooth and reliable operation.

Suitable for auto casting, construction machinery casting, pump valve and other industries high-grade casting batch production.

Molding and regeneration production line of self-hardening sand


Resin sand treatment production line

Esterified sodium silicate sand thermal regeneration line

Self-hardening sand continuous mixer

Self-hardening sand molding production line

Is suitable for the production of many kinds of cast iron, steel and non-ferrous castings, it can meet the technological requirements of self-hardening sand such as furan resin sand, alkali phenol resin sand, esterified sodium silicate sand and VRH. Combined with the actual situation of customers, to provide a variety of options for customers to choose.




Matching vertical parted flaskless automatic molding line, static pressure automatic molding line, horizontal parted molding line, processing capacity from 40 t/h to 300 t/h range.



This is a series of pouring machines, such as fan-shaped pouring machine, bottom pouring machine and barrel pouring machine, which are specialized used to molding production line, it is suitable for on-line casting of static pressure molding line, vertical molding line, horizontal flaskless molding line, self-hardening sand molding line, etc. .



Using the world's advanced technology, high starting point, specializing in the production of various types of high-end shot (shot) cleaning equipment and surface strengthening processing equipment.

Hanging type shot blasting machine is suitable for large, medium-sized castings, forgings, structural parts, heat treatment parts of the surface cleaning. The whole machine adopts high-efficiency shot blasting machine and advanced shot processing system, and is controlled automatically by high-quality electric system, which truly reflects high efficiency, high quality, energy saving and environmental protection.

Catenary shot blasting machine

Catenary shot blasting machine is suitable for mass production and small castings surface cleaning and strengthening. Through the special hanging tool, can meet the different size, shape of the workpiece surface treatment process requirements. The design of the ring catenary improves the production capacity, reduces the use cost, and realizes the flexible production conveniently.

16 2023-11

Our company's market orders are growing against the trend this year

On the basis of a 21% increase in orders in 2022 compared to 2021, our company's total market orders have increased significantly this year, and it is expected to increase by over 25% by the end of the year compared to 2022. Among them, there are three orders exceeding 100 million: Longma Holdings Group, Dalian Huarui Heavy Industry Group, and Taiwan Yongguan Energy Technology Group. Especially the Thai foundry project of Taiwan's Yongguan Group is the highest level of fully intelligent production line in the industry, with a distinct demonstration effect of the times. The newly awarded BYD Automotive Group casting mold production line is the second phase expansion project after the successful delivery of the first phase last year, and its impact and significance are unprecedented! The high level of customer demand has prompted our company to double its emphasis on building its own comprehensive capabilities, increase cooperation with universities, accelerate the research and development speed of new products, strengthen the standardization and upgrading of the company's basic management, production quality management, after-sales service management and other work, in order to deliver satisfactory answers to the market and users!
28 2023-10

Adhere to investment in technological transformation, increase production capacity, and meet market demands

Due to the significant increase in orders in the past two years, our company's production capacity in each branch is generally tight and limited. To meet the increasingly expanding market demand, it is necessary to increase investment in technological transformation, rely on precise organization of production, and rely on the improvement of quality and efficiency in various links. The company has invested over 11 million yuan this year, adding a batch of production equipment such as gantry machining centers, large-sized laser cutting machines, welding robots, large-sized annealing furnaces, and electric discharge machine tools. As a result, the production of castings provided by the casting branch to SEW in Germany has increased by 30%, the production of the riveting and welding branch has increased by 35%, and the production of the machining and final assembly branch has increased by 39%, which better meets the market demand. October 28, 2023 Reporter: Li Juan
16 2023-08

Our company's intelligent construction continues to rise to a higher level

Since becoming the first Post Market Intelligent control System (PMIS) in the industry to be built in 2018, our company has been investing huge efforts in intelligent construction in the past few years. In 2020, the Parts Intelligent Transfer System (PITS) was built and the company's Office Automation (OA) system was upgraded. In 2021, the factory's Intelligent Video Surveillance System (IVSS) was built and the Safety Protection early Warning System (SPWS) was upgraded. In 2022, a Product lifecycle Intelligent Management System (PIMS) was built and the Multimedia Intelligent Communication System (MICS) was upgraded. Starting from 2023, Our company has comprehensively constructed the All Enterprise Resource Intelligent Management and Control System Plan(ERP). With the continuous promotion of intelligent construction, the level and speed of quality control, new product research and development, and customer service of the company have been greatly improved, helping to continuously enhance the company's brand!