Product description


Safe,efficient, customized and fully functional iron pouring

The molding production line series pouring machine adopts the safety, high efficiency, advanced technology, complete function and individual technology pouring technology, in order to meet the static pressure modeling, vertical parting moldling, Horizontal stripping moldling and self-hardening Sand moldling and other different process moldling line personalized needs, to provide the most suitable pouring technology.

Barrel servo controlled pouring machine


This series of pouring machine applies advanced technology abroad and international brand transmission, control components and control system technology, all mechanical Servo or variable frequency transmission, no hydraulic pressure, safe and reliable, smooth operation, easy maintenance.

The basic components of the pouring machine include pouring ladle, Servo tilting mechanism, Longitudinal Movement system, transverse movement mechanism, control and operation system and follow-flow inoculation system, etc..

It is suitable for continuous casting of gray iron and ductile iron with static pressure molding line, horizontal stripping molding line, self-hardening sand molding line, etc. .

Of optimized lable structure,having excellent thermal insulation property

●The cylindrical pouring ladle is provided with an upper ladle cover, which has less heat dissipation and good heat preservation effect.

●Pot-shaped bag mouth, good slag blocking effect.

●Complet mechanical transmission,which is safe and reliable

Tilt pouring by AC servo drive, with international brand servo motor and digital servo controller, speed stepless adjustable. Operate master-slave Servo handle to realize stable pouring and rewinding.

The Longitudinal movement is driven by gear and rack, and the SERVO controller is used to adjust the speed and position, so that the pouring machine moves along the pouring section with fixed pitch and multi-pitch to realize transposition pouring and tracking pouring.

The transverse shift is driven by the screw rod and the speed reduction motor, which is used for adjusting and setting the transverse position of the ladle mouth.

State of the art control and operation system

The pouring machine is controlled by PLC and has manual and semi-automatic working system.

There are control button, servo control handle and color man-machine interface on the operating floor, which can set and display the operation parameters, monitor the running state, display the faults and diagnose the real-time alarm.

The control management system adopts simplified Chinese menu.

Using International Brand PLC (lndraMotion MLC Runtime special motion controller) , servo controller, servo motor, operation display and man-machine interface and operation handle.

The main control unit PLC has the communication function of Ethernet and Profibus. And Molding Line can achieve the necessary information exchange and chain control.

Complete and sophisticared pouring functions

●The storage and use setted on the package mouth position     Has two storage modes of interface input and teaching record.The location of the stored field can be automatically identified and invoked.

●The position of the nozzle can be adjusted and modify     The shape of the nozzle can be corrected by pressing the button.

●The constant pressure head stable pouring 

●The Height and position of the ladle nozzle are not changed to ensure the constant pressure head stable pouring.

●Tracking pouring function     Adopts position Sensor (or synchronous with molding line servo transmission mechanism) to realize the tracking function without stop pouring.

●Pouring speed real-time display

●Single pitch or multi pitch transposition

●Molten iron lower limit alarm and pouring overtime alarm


Reliable safeguard

The equipment has reliable personal and equipment safety protection function. With program control lock to prevent misoperation. 

synchronous stream inoculation

Synchronous stream inoculation device consists of quantitative, gas blowing and infrared hot metal detector. The inoculant is synchronously and uniformly added into the molten iron when pouring, and the feed quantity is set by frequency converter, parameters can be stored in the system.

Man technical specification and parameters

Molding mode

Self-hardening sand molding line

Static pressure molding line

horizontal stripping Box Molding Line

Molding Productivity

30 boxes/hour

80-130 boxes/hour

80-130 boxes/hour

Pouring machine freedom of movement

Vertical movement, Horizontal Movement, Ladle Lifting and tilting

Longitudinal, transverse and tilting pouring

Vertical movement, Horizontal Movement, Ladle Lifting and tilting

Ladle rated capacity

1.2T. 1.5T2T2.5T



Pouring speed

5-50 kg/s

Pouring tilting speed

0-3°/s Adjustable

Effective tilting angle


Longitudinal moving speed

0-0.8 m/s

Longitudinal fixed pitch moving positioning accuracy

+2 mm

Lifting stroke

1150mm(sand mould height difference 850 mm)


Inoculating feed with flow


Customenzed pouring technological requirements

Pouring of static pressure moulding line 

The size of the flask and the height of the conveying pitch of the static pressure molding automatic line are the same. It is suitable for continuous pouring in the molding line's cycle beat of the pouring machine with three motion degrees of freedom: Longitudinal Movement, Transverse Movement and pouring ladle tilting and pouring, improve production efficiency and casting quality.

Pouring of resin bonded sand moulding line

Resin sand molding line for a variety of production, sand mold size is different. The position of the gate is adjusted by lifting and moving horizontally and lengthwise, and the three-axis linkage is used for tilting and pouring. Large lifting stroke, fully meet the position of the gate changes when the on-line continuous casting.

pouring of horizontal parted flaskless moulding line

The horizontal stripping molding line can adjust the sand mold height according to the product needs, which is suitable for the small lifting stroke pouring machine. The height of the package nozzle can be set on the interface according to the change of the sand mold height, and the position of the gate can be adjusted by lifting, moving horizontally and vertically, the tilting pouring is completed to meet the requirement of continuous pouring in the molding line.

Horizontal parting molding line automatic pouring machine


The machine is a programmable automatic pouring machine. It adopts AB SERVO and electric control system, equipped with weighing system and imaging device. Pouring process and parameters can be set according to requirements, high prescision of molten iron weight,with fully automatic and semi-automatic work system conversion function. Longitudinal Displacement, lateral displacement, lifting, tilting pouring four-axis servo drive, with a large range of speed ratio and stable speed performance. Set up the outside control room, the video device to monitor the operation. It is suitable for on-line pouring of horizontal parting with automatic molding line of flask/flaskless.

Large pouring machine of static pressure moulding line


The machine is suitable for continuous on-line pouring of large-scale static pressure molding line because of its large capacity, fast pouring speed and large displacement stroke.

Adopt Longitudinal shift, transverse shift, tilt pouring three-axis servo drive, running stable and reliable. Set up outside control room, video device to monitor the operation, away from the pouring operation, safe and environmental protection.

Fan-shaped servo controlled pouring machine


The machine is servo drive left and right tilting pouring machine, pouring ladle is sector cross section. The machine is fully mechanical transmission, safe and efficient, used for vertical parting molding automatic line, continuous pouring in cycle beat, improve production efficiency and casting quality.


Main components of the device


The fan-shaped pouring machine mainly includes fan-shaped pouring ladle, random ladle cover, pouring main machine, flowing inorculation device, electric control system and operation table, etc. . The hot metal outlet of the fan-shaped cross-section Ladle is close to the fan-shaped center, and the ladle cover is fixed on the ladle with good heat preservation performance. The device is provided with a reverse hot metal pouring mechanism.

The machine has three degrees of freedom: Longitudinal, transverse and tilting pouring. Full mechanical transmission, safe and reliable, easy to operate and maintain.

The feeding screw is driven by frequency converter, which has the advantages of accurate ration and convenient adjustment.

Using International Brand PLC, touch screen and servo controller, frequency converter, can set and display the operation parameters, monitor the operation status and fault display, diagnosis real-time alarm. The control management system adopts simplified Chinese menu.

Main technical characteristics of the device


●Tilting pouring is controlled by servo system. The tilting angle and speed move according to the typical flow and time curve to achieve the best pouring effect and high repeated positioning accuracy.

●According to the pouring program of "slow-fast-slow, fast-wrap" , the pouring can be realized at the best pouring speed.

●When the pouring is set to automatic, the pouring machine can complete the pouring cycle action automatically.

●The computer and the Servo Motor control the angle speed of the ladle, the master-slave handle adjustment control the molten iron flow.

●It has manual and automatic functions, and can input and store different pouring parameters to realize pouring of different products.

●The pouring machine can move in x and y directions and be controlled by frequency conversion.

●The automatic pouring control system for rapid casting mold is most suitable for automatic pouring of high-speed vertical parting molding line.


Molding mode

Vertical molding automatic line

Molding productivity

180-300 boxes/hour

Pouring machine movement freedom

Longitudinal displacement, lateral displacement and tilt tilt pouring

Ladle rated capacity


Pouring speed

0-2.5 kg/s

Flow inoculation feed


Repeated quantitative accuracy




Bottom gating High speed pouring machine


The machine controls the opening and closing of the bottom plug of the pouring ladle by the upward and downward movement of the Plug Rod. It is a bottom-pouring high-speed pouring machine. It includes bottom pouring ladle, random ladle cover, plug rod lifting mechanism, Longitudinal Shift Trolley, transverse shift trolley, electric control system and operation table. The machine is advanced and efficient, and the pouring speed can reach 500 type/hour. It is suitable for continuous casting on high speed vertical parting molding line, improving production efficiency and casting quality.

Main configuration and functions

The machine plug rod movement is controlled by Digital Servo control, the movement of Horizontal, vertical and Tipping Waste Iron Water is controlled by hydraulic pressure, the cylinder controls the cleaning Rod. The pouring sensor adopts the camera to capture the gate and the positioning hole, and is equipped with a weighing sensor. With the main machine modeling signal chain, Sand Count, automatic control plug rod rotation, automatic control of cleaning Rod, automatic control inoculant, automatic save template informa the SERVO system precision pouring, continuous pouring and other functions.

Video automatic pouring function

By measuring and controlling the liquid level of molten iron in the Gate Cup, the capacity of continuous and proper casting sand mould is designed. The liquid level image of Molten Iron in Gate Cup can be captured and filtered by intelligent digital camera, then the liquid level information can be transmitted to PLC and used in control program. By comparing the actual liquid level with the CPU liquid level required by the control program, the opening degree of the plug rod is determined based on the difference between the actual and the required liquid level.

The main technical parameters

Ladle capacity:1.5T

The max pouring speed: 500 type/h


Bottom gating thermal insulation pouring machine

This machine uses medium-frequency power supply to induction heating hot metal for automatic vertical molding line, on-line hot metal insulation and continuous pouring.

Medium frequency insulating ladle is made by professional electric furnace manufacturer, Servo control is used for lifting Plug Rod, and frequency conversion is used to drive longitudinal and transverse shift.

By changing the input power of the furnace, the heating speed and pouring temperature of hot metal can be controlled accurately. The heating speed is fast, and the low temperature molten iron can be reused conveniently.

Main technical specification

Rated capacity (T)

Heating capacity(T/1000C/h)

Rated power(KW)

Insulation power(KW)

Power supply voltage(V)

Pouring speed (Box/hour)

Cooling water consumption(m3/h)
















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