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Recently ,our company’s latest research and development,with completely indepandent intellectual property rights of intelligent large size full automatic vertical parted flaskless shoot-squeeze molding main machine and supporting equipments, all passed the acceptance of the expert group,will be sent to customer.
Company greeting effect [ 2022-06-17 ]
After we moved to the new site at the end of 2019,we planted more than 2,000 trees in winter that year. Among them,apple tree,walnut tree,persimmon tree,hawthorn tree, pear tree,chery tree,peach tree and apricot tree and other kinds of fruit trees more than 900,pin,cypress,willow,locust,gingko, catalpa bungel,ash and other green tree species more than 1200; six pocket parks and three grapecorridors have been built.
    As a key construction project in Hebei province ,our company’s relocation,transformation ans upgrading project has passed the acceptance of the expert group.     The total investment of the project is 1 billion yuan,convering an area of 350 acres.The headquarters,R&D center and Marketing Department are located at NO. 1558 West Third Ring of Baoding city. The new factory is located in Shunping industrual Zone,10 kilometers away from the headqureters.   Company headquarters   New factory       Afte the company moved to the new site, and after more than two years of process reenigineering,transformation and upgrading, technilogy level,production capacity has been greatly improved! Equipped with 3 sets of the latest painting lines and 8 sets of ventilation and dust removal systems, the company is a Grade B enterprise with environmental protection performance in Hebei Province.   Painting lines   Dust removal systems       The final assembly plant of 25,000 square meters has an annual production capacoty of 300 various molding lines.                     Two machine processing plants,with 2 large floor boring and milling machines,2 large pentahedral horizontal machine centers, gantry processing center more than four meters, 11 boring and milling centers, small and medium-size CNC machine tools,46 machining centers,38 common processing equipments,and the maximum processing diameter of 5 meters sleeper and 9 other special processing equipments.   Branch Plant 1 of metal processing  (large processing)   Gantry processing center    Large floor boring and milling machine   Large double-station pentahedral horizontal machine centers   Branch Plant 2 of metal processing  (small processing)       In the heat treatment workshop, vacuum quenching equipment,horizontal and vertical surface quenching equipment represented by various types of heat treatment process equipment is complete.   Heat treatment equipment           Rivet and welding baranch, material cutting all by CNC, large steel pretreatment room,large annealing furance highlights the process characteristics.   Material cutting by CNC   Large steel pretreatment room   Large annealing furance       Foundary brance,15 tons, 5 tons,3 tons pre hour melting furnace,large self-harding sand production line,post-treatment line,robot grinding, to ensure the monthly output of more than 1000 tons of high –end castings.   Melting furance   Molding line   Self-harding sand production line       The company has a complete quality control system and testing equipment, is the industry’s first through ISO 9000 and other standards identified enterprises, with direct reading spectrum analyzer,ultrasonic detector, three coordinates measuring instrument and a batch of modern testing equipment.     As a cloud demonstration enterprise in Hebei Province,  the company has always been in fhe forefront of the industry in digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading,there are intelligent systems in operation today: intelligent office automatic system(OA),product aftermarket intelligent management system(PAM),product life cycle intelligent management system(PLM),rail transfer intelligent system(RTI), network video intelligent monitoring system(NVM), and an enterprise resource planning system under construction(ERP).   Product aftermarket intelligent management system(PAM)   Rrail transfer intelligent system(RTI)   Network video intelligent monitoring system(NVM)       16 May. 2022 Reporter:Lijuan
  From November 10 to 13, the second working conference and standard Review Meeting of the sixth National Technical Committee for Standardization of Casting Machinery was successfully held in Kunming, Yunnan province.   Our company won the title of "Advanced Collective of casting machinery standardization in 2020.   Xiao Zhongshu, chairman of our company, won the title of Advanced worker.   18 Nov. 2020   Reporter: Lijuan
Our company has moved into the new address in early 2020: Company R & D Center and Sales Office moved to: 1558 West Third Ring, Jingxiu District, Baoding City, Hebei Province.   New Plant area moved to: Yaoshan Industrial Park, Shunping County, Baoding City,Hebei Province.   The company's original address has been cancelled and is no longer in use   R & D Center   Sales Office: Located at 1558 West Third Ring Road of Baoding City   new factory office building   new factory single apartment   new factory area   Final Assembly branch factory   metal processing one branch factory   metal processing two branch factory   riveting branch factory   coating line   July 22,2020  Reporter: Li Juan
  Since the resumption of work and production in Baoding Well foundry company, make every effort to prevent and control the epidemic situation, create a safe and orderly environment for production and operation, and reduce the adverse impact of the epidemic situation, we will make every efforts to restore the company's production capacity and to meet the needs of customers. ​  During the welding of the the super-large-scale shakeout machine for wind power casting,   the NC machining equipment is in intensive operation   the large-scale self-hardening sand mixer is tested in the trial run   the products are cleaned and packed before the vertical molding line leaves the factory   the products are ready to be put on the truck and sent to the user site for installation   March 30,2020  Reporter: Li Juan
  More than two years of construction and six months of relocation, my company has now all moved into the new site.   The new R & D Centre, located at 1558 West Third Ring Road, Baoding City, covers an area of 15,000 square metres and has a construction area of 8,000 square metres.   The new plant is located in the Shunping Industrial Zone, 10 kilometers away from the R & D Center, and covers an area of 300,000 square meters and has a construction area of 120,000 square metres.   Combined with the relocation, my company on the production process, management system, business model, innovation mechanism have been reengineered and upgraded. And plans to re-investment in about two years, the company's level of intelligence to a new level.   Company R & D center: Located at 1558 West Third Ring Road of Baoding Ciry   new factory office building   new factory single apartment   new factory area   Final Assembly branch factory   metal processing one branch factory   metal processing two branch factory   Final Assembly branch factory   coating line   December 16,2019   Reporter: Li Juan
  Li Yanmin, a senior technician of our company, was selected as one of the 100 craftsmen in the machinery industry of the machinery industry   Li Yanmin,a senior technician, is the company's five branches of an assembly bench worker, to participate in the work of more than 20 years, consecutive years as the company's technical model, 2018 Baoding "Outstanding members of communist Party" ; Is the only senior technician in the employment of the company's 1156 employees.   He is universally recognized as one of the best in technology by the vast number of employees. Everyone who has worked with him, whether colleagues or clients, has always admired his superb skills; he is good at learning, is willing to use his brain, devotes himself to studying business, repeatedly hones his skills, and works earnestly and carefully, excelsior, the basic skills are very solid.With the transformation and upgrading of the company, the continuous progress of products and the adoption of new technology and advanced science and technology, in order to keep up with the times, he bought several sets of professional books at his own expense and used his spare time to study, recorded a large number of study notes, laid a solid theoretical foundation, and at the same time actively communicate with engineers and various experts in working practice, master a large number of the latest mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, gas, automation, informatization knowledge in the application of products, greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency of installation and debugging. After the installation and commissioning of Li Yanmin production line start-up rate reached 97% , for the company's product upgrades to create a new record.   He not only assembles products in the company, but also leads the personnel to the user spot to carry on the installment, the debugging. Due to its high technical level, strict style, hard-working, good at research, the team led by its installation, commissioning equipment efficiency is very high. In 2017 alone, he and his team assembled, installed and debugged 19 production lines for the company, creating a value of more than 23 million yuan for the company. As the only senior technician in the company, Comrade Li Yanmin never complacent, always learning with an open mind and striving to innovate,   Last year alone, 19 suggestions were adopted by the company's Research Institute, making outstanding contributions to product progress.   Comrade Li Yanmin also attaches great importance to passing on his help and guidance and to training new personnel. "There's only so much you can do with a strong team, " he says, leading a twenty-person static line assembly team that consistently focuses twice a week on learning technology and discussing problems, even with new hires, progress was also rapid; everyone on the team was able to stand on their own ablity, and eight of them were hired as the company's worker technicians and became the technical backbone, driven and influenced by Li's exemplary behavior, five branches of more than 200 workers learning technology become popular, become the company's benchmark, for many years has been rated as an advanced branch.   December 27,2018    Reporter: Li Juan
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